Kennel Excellent´s American Bulldogs

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Summer 2024:                             Link to:  PEDIGREE

For this breeding i have chosen a male in Finland that i have been following for quite some time.

Im very grateful for the trust in using this male in my breeding program and for all the help to provide every necessary information asked and even more to it! Big thanks to the owner of this male and the breeder behind him (Nina @Gremlings) for the excellent work with health testing and for the good work your dogs is preforming over there in Finland.

Both sire and dam of this combination is from FULLY HEALTH TESTED LITTERS with generally nice scores on both hips and elbows and almost totally free from any sighns of spondylosis. Also Offcourse several generations behind them with allot of health tested and proven working dogs. 


Health results from Gremlins Marshalls Litter:                                         Health results from Excellents Camden Hells Litter:

HD A/A, ED 0/0, LTV 0, SP 1, VA 0                                                           HD B/B, ED 0/0, SP 0

HD C/C, ED 0/0, LTV 0, SP 0, VA 0                                                           HD B/C, ED 0/0, SP 0

HD A/A, ED 0/0, LTV 0, SP 0, VA 0                                                           HD C/C, ED 0/0, SP 0

HD C/C, ED 0/0, LTV 0, SP 1, VA 0                                                           HD C/C, ED 1/1, SP 0

HD B/B, ED 0/0, LTV 0, SP 0, VA 0                                                           HD B/C, ED 0/0, SP 0

HD B/B, ED 0/0, LTV 0, SP 0, VA 0                                                           HD B/B, ED 0/0, SP 0

                                                                                                             HD B/B, ED 0/0, SP 0

I must say I can’t be happier about how well this to two dogs match each other in the way you can compare.

The main reason for using this specific male is to hopefully balance the females independence with a male that loves to work as a team with his owner, in an attempt to get a generally good "will to please" in the offsprings of this combo. And also because he is damn good looking and a really nice guy in every way!

And even though these two dogs have some separate qualities when it comes to work they are still both very good on what they do!

The female is a very athletic and high drive dog that could not care less for sports that does not contain chasing, running, or biting stuff (LOL) and the male is super balanced with good will to please, concentration, working moral and a clear on/off switch.

Both are temperament evaluated with pleasing results and are good representatives of the breed in their own way.

Physically they are both middle size bulldogs. Female weight is 27kg and male is 34kg and with the same height around 55/56 cm. Both dogs has good structure and movements, strong athletic bodies, full sets of teeth, good bites, clear breathing, acceptable pigment and in my opinion quite a nice match by phenotypes.

The expectations of the breedings we do here is always first of all to produce social, well balanced and healthy dogs that will add something good to the breed in general. Dogs with good drive, fun to work with and trustful family members, but also with some personal preferences when it comes to type, appearance, size and temperament.

There is allot more to tell about both dogs and if you are interested dont hasitate to contact me.

We will be looking for co-owns as usual but depending on litter size ther could be some pups also for sale.